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**A stay was issued for Mr. Skinner by the United States Supreme Court on Wednesday, March 24. Thank you for all of your prayers and the actions that you took! To read more, click on the following link,

PFADP ACTION ALERT: Texas has scheduled to execute Hank Skinner on Wednesday, March 24 at 6 p.m. despite the fact that critical DNA evidence from the crime scene has never been tested. A laboratory in Arizona last week offered to test the DNA evidence for free if Texas Gov. Rick Perry grants Mr. Skinner a 30-day reprieve. Perry has so far refused. Eleven people on death row in Texas are among the 139 death row exonerees nationwide.

Thousands of people have made calls and sent emails, faxes, and letters on behalf of Hank Skinner. Please do so yourself immediately.

Please write:

Chelsea Thornton Buchholtz
Assistant General Counsel
Office of the Governor
1100 San Jacinto
Austin, Texas 78701

The fax number for the General Counsel's office is 512-463-1932.

Governor's Office:
Citizen's Opinion Hotline: (800) 252-9600 [for Texas callers]
Information and Referral and Opinion Hotline: (512) 463-1782 [for Austin, Texas and out-of-state callers]

Texas governor’s website email form:

The Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and its partners are urging Gov. Perry to intervene in Hank Skinner's case and issue a 30-day reprieve to allow for DNA testing to take place. Please contact the Governor IMMEDIATELY to urge him to exercise his authority to grant this reprieve and to prevent a possible miscarriage of justice!

Talking points and contact information for your letters and faxes can be found at

To stay up-to-date on developments in Mr. Skinner's case, please go to

Thank you for taking action. Watch for updates at and here at

Information in this alert is from our friends at the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.