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May 17, 2013

The bill to repeal the NC Racial Justice Act and restart executions in North Carolina is back in play.

If you live in NC, PFADP encourages you to:

(1) Contact your state representative.

(2) Prayerfully consider joining some PFADP staff and board members this Monday at the NC NAACP's Moral Mondays campaign protest to express your support for the Racial Justice Act. More than 100 people have acted in conscience as individuals and conducted civil disobedience there over the past month. This will continue on Monday, with some from PFADP participating, but all concerned people are asked to attend and show their support for the Racial Justice Act. See details below.

(3) Make a commitment to support PFADP's work with a donation now.
Catholic conference praises Maryland's abolishment of death penalty PDF Print E-mail
May 3, 2013

By Richard Szczepanowski
Catholic Standard

Maryland became the 18th state in the country - and the sixth in six years - to abolish the death penalty, as Gov. Martin O'Malley signed a measure May 2 that prohibits capital punishment in the state.

The legislation, which the Maryland Catholic Conference has sought for more than two decades, goes into effect Oct. 1. Mary Ellen Russell, executive director of the MCC, called the signing "a joyful moment and long-sought victory."

"This is a very exciting day. We have been waiting for it literally for decades," Russell said. "This has been a priority (for the MCC) for years. The Church has been a leading voice for life in all its stages. And this (repeal) is consistent with our pro-life message."
Orange County, NC Spoke Up PDF Print E-mail
April 30, 2013

Last week the Orange County, NC Board of Commissioners voted in support of People of Faith Against the Death Penalty's death penalty repeal resolution.

The Board of Commissioners joined Boone, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and Durham in calling on the state of North Carolina to repeal the death penalty.

Below are the verbatim comments by the six county commissioners who voted for repealing the death penalty and the one who voted against it.
Racial Injustice PDF Print E-mail
April 4, 2013

And with this faith we will go out and adjourn the counsels of despair and bring new light into the dark chambers of pessimism and we will be able to rise from the fatigue of despair to the buoyancy of hope. And this will be a great America! We will be the participants in making it so.

                 - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., born to eternal life on April 4, 1968

Yesterday afternoon the NC Senate voted 33 – 14 in support of repealing the NC Racial Justice Act and restarting executions. The bill, Senate Bill 306, now moves to the House.

If you live in North Carolina, please take a moment to send a message to your senator in response to his or her vote.

And encourage your representative to vote against SB 306.
PFADP at NC Legislature Wednesday on RJA PDF Print E-mail
April 8, 2013

Religious leaders from across North Carolina will speak at PFADP’s press conference against the repeal of the North Carolina Racial Justice Act and resumption of executions on Wednesday at the NC General Assembly in Raleigh.

More than 600 religious leaders across North Carolina called for passage of the Racial Justice Act before it became law in 2009.

When: 10 a.m. on Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where: The press room of the Legislative Building, 16 W. Jones St., Raleigh, NC

We invite all religious leaders and concerned people of faith to join us.
NC Action Alert: SB 306 PDF Print E-mail
April 2, 2013

The NC Senate is scheduled to begin debating and voting on SB 306, the bill that will repeal the NC Racial Justice Act and restart executions, tomorrow.

If you live in North Carolina, please encourage your senator to vote against SB 306. We have drafted a message that sets the tone, but please add your own words and change the subject line.

We also encourage you to call your senator. His or her phone number will appear on the action page.
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