One Christian's View on the Death Penalty PDF Print E-mail
By Reverend Matt Randles
Pastor, Headwaters Covenant Church

In the Easter season, we remember Jesus' crucifixion and death for the sin of the world. Christians declare that Jesus' death brings life, so how can we then demand the death of certain criminals?

The Old Testament says, "You are to take life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth." But developing a biblical understanding of capital punishment isn't as simple as appropriating select verses from the Old Testament. Are we prepared to execute those who curse their parents or worship other gods? These are also capital offenses in the Bible.
Let's Celebrate! PDF Print E-mail
Come Thank Reps. Parmon and Womble

NC State Representatives Earline W. Parmon and Larry Womble, both of Winston-Salem, were champions of the NC Racial Justice Act in the NC House of Representatives. NC Gov. Bev Perdue signed this important reform into law in August 2009.
Law Needed For When Courts Deal with Mental Illness (NC) PDF Print E-mail
The Fayetteville Observer
By Debra Dihoff

Life or death decisions - not something we all face every day. But that's just what the jury in Fayetteville faced following the episode in April of 2004, when Abdullah Shareef stole a city van, hit and injured David McCaskill, Gary Weller and Robert Fortier, then ran over and killed Lonel Bass. The National Alliance on Mental Illness North Carolina expresses our sorrow to all of the victims involved in this tragedy.
What if Jesus had been tried under Texas law? PDF Print E-mail
Michael Landauer

What if Jesus were sentenced under Texas laws? Would he still be executed? That question led Baylor Law School professor Mark Osler to stage the trial of Christ under the rules of Texas law for a Waco congregation. The death penalty opponent and sentencing guidelines expert summarized his thoughts in a book published last year, Jesus on Death Row.

The following is an interview I conducted with Mark Osler. An abbreviated version will appear in Sunday's Points Section.
Amnesty International Report PDF Print E-mail
Check-out the report by Amnesty International about death penalty statistics from around the world in 2009,
Action Alert: Stop Texas from Executing a Possibly Innocent Man PDF Print E-mail
**A stay was issued for Mr. Skinner by the United States Supreme Court on Wednesday, March 24. Thank you for all of your prayers and the actions that you took! To read more, click on the following link,

PFADP ACTION ALERT: Texas has scheduled to execute Hank Skinner on Wednesday, March 24 at 6 p.m. despite the fact that critical DNA evidence from the crime scene has never been tested. A laboratory in Arizona last week offered to test the DNA evidence for free if Texas Gov. Rick Perry grants Mr. Skinner a 30-day reprieve. Perry has so far refused. Eleven people on death row in Texas are among the 139 death row exonerees nationwide.

Thousands of people have made calls and sent emails, faxes, and letters on behalf of Hank Skinner. Please do so yourself immediately.
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