One of the themes of the 2018 NC Pilgrimage for Peace and Justice across North Carolina will be ending the death penalty.

“This year's Pilgrimage is in need of core walkers to walk with us for some or all of the days,” said Patrick O’Neill, one of the march organizers. “This is like an all-expenses paid vacation!”

For more information contact Witness for Peace Southeast at or call 919-856-9468 or or call 919-624-5245.

Itinerary Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace March 25 - March 30, 2018
March 25 Sunday  Asheville in morning "Land of Sky UCC"  after lunch drive to Morganton.  Walk with Case Farm Poultry workers and then celebrate March 25 Palm Sunday with St Charles Bor.  Church.  Spend night at church.
March 26 Monday Visit Opportunity Threads in the morning and then drive to Winston-Salem.  Action with the FLOC and visit then Minerva  - a woman in sanctuary.  Spend night in Greensboro.
March 27 Tuesday  Greensboro  Visit Congressional UCC where Oscar is in Sanctuary.  Also visit Juana at St Barnabas Episcopal Church where Juana resides.  Maybe have a rally at UNCG - focusing on DACA 
March 28 Wednesday  Durham  Visit City Well Methdost Church  - Samuel who is in sanctuary  Visit Jose Chicas at School for Conversion  Perhaps have service at St James Baptist Church  Focus: Black Lives Matter  Black Mamas Bail out Fund
March 29 Holy Thursday Chapel Hill  Visit Church of Reconciliation/Binkley Baptist/St Thomas More  ..perhaps have an event on UNC campus - Sanctuary Everywhere  DACA....
March 30th  Good Friday  Raleigh  Walk from Martin Luther King Memorial to Women's Prison - Central Prison - Wake County Jail and then the NC State Capital for Economic Justice Way of the Cross.


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