RALEIGH — You are invited to the Annual Christmas Witness and Caroling at Central Prison at 9 Christmas morning. 

It's the place to be Christmas morning. Talk about the spirit of Christmas. Talk about fun and fellowship. You and your family will love it. 

This year we are meeting at the Central Prison at 9 a.m. — an hour earlier than usual — so those who need to make it to church by 11 will be able to do so. Central Prison is located at 1300 Western Blvd. in Raleigh. 

From the Fr. Charlie Mulholland Catholic Worker House:

We hold a big “Merry Christmas” sign and bring the only cheer the inmates get Christmas Day. (The warden does not allow visiting on Christmas to give more guards the day off.) If you have song sheets, please let me know. Loud songs work best. (“... on a one-horse open sleigh - hey!”)

For more information call Patrick O’Neill at (919) 624-5245.

Merry Christmas!





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