We are excited to announce that PFADP has partnered with Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty and Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon in launching our new Oregon faith leaders letter for death penalty repeal, www.oregonletter.org
More than 100 faith community leaders across Oregon have endorsed the letter already. 
The letter reads in part: "The death penalty raises questions of the soul as well as ones of public policy. The answers to these questions must be discerned in our sanctuaries and acted upon by people of faith and good will or they will be left unanswered in our legislative chambers and courtrooms.... (The problems of the death penalty) are entrenched and unfixable and they stem from an acceptance of an inherently morally and practically flawed policy."
In coming days look for more announcements about this letter and other state faith leader letter initiatives by PFADP. Meanwhile, know any clergy or faith community leaders in Oregon? Ask them to endorse the letter!


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