The United States has voted against a resolution in the UN Human Rights Council condemning the death penalty for "same-sex relations." 
Every country on the UN Council from Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the “Western Europe and others group,” voted for the measure except Cuba, which abstained – and the U.S., led by Nikki Haley, which voted no.
Our society’s acceptance of the death penalty is the taproot of our racist, error-prone, and expensive criminal justice system at large. America’s faith communities need to speak loud and clear that the death penalty has no place in a society grounded in seeking restoration and healing. 


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    Doug Simon
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    Thank you for informing the public about the completely out-of-tune position the US is in today around the death penalty. How can any right thinking person, Christian or not, believe that having a same-sex relationship is a capital crime. Apparently someone in the White House thinks so. <br /> Let's keep fighting against this kind of bigotry in general. And thank you for your facts about the waste and error in our expensive police-state prison system.
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