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December 5, 2011

We had a powerful press conference Friday launching PFADP’s Kairos Campaign To Mobilize Religious Action to Repeal North Carolina’s Death Penalty.

Religious leaders came from across North Carolina to Martin Street Baptist Church in Raleigh and spoke along with Dead Man Walking author Sr. Helen Prejean. There was enormous statewide press coverage via newspapers, television, and radio. Below is a sampling of the media coverage.

Already, we have more than 300 resolutions from local businesses and congregations in 40 NC counties. It may take 10,000 resolutions or 25,000 resolutions or six figures of resolutions and petition signatures. We intend on doing what needs doing. We will work to end the death penalty in the sanctuaries and fellowships halls and barbershops and town halls of North Carolina.

To help keep the momentum of this campaign going, click here.

We will not stop. We are going to bring abolition from Main Street to Jones Street. We intend on fostering new and deeper levels of discourse on the death penalty and on mobilizing more people than ever before from every single county in North Carolina, a mobilization that will ultimately lead to a new discourse over the death penalty on the floors of the NC General Assembly.

We are in this for the long haul.

Meanwhile, we need to keep up the call on Gov. Perdue to veto the repeal of the Racial Justice Act. Despite the lies and misinformation about the Act that have been spread by our district attorneys and some legislators, the RJA is not about repealing the death penalty.

Instead, we are about repealing the death penalty.

If you would like to volunteer for the NC Kairos campaign – gathering resolutions, serving on a denominational task force, or the like –please click here to complete a very quick form.

Amanda, Beto, Steve, and Steven


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