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September 21, 2012

Who cares about my thumb? Well, you know, I do.

I think my family does.

After my arrest at Troy Davis’ execution one year ago today, I could not feel my thumb for months.

It has never felt the same from the plastic handcuffs that were used on me.

It’s tingly.

As my friend Kurt Rosenberg and I approached the police outside the prison in Jackson, Ga., I said, “I am here to stop the execution of Troy Davis.”

Long story short, we spent the night in jail, charged with disorderly conduct. Actually, there was nothing disorderly about our conduct. We did seek to trespass and, in fact, I would have put my body between Troy Davis and his executioners.


PFADP Executive Director Stephen Dear (r) being arrested in protest of the
execution of Troy Davis (Photo by Johnny Crawford, Atlanta Journal Constitution).

We at People of Faith Against the Death Penalty did all we could to stop Troy’s execution.

Working with other national partners for years we mobilized unprecedented numbers of religious leaders calling for clemency.

Since then we have been working with groups in a dozen states to mobilize clergy and lay leaders of faith communities to help with campaigns to
repeal the death penalty and for clemency for people facing execution.

Since Troy’s execution things may never be the same for my thumb.

Since Troy’s execution things will never be the same for our movement.

Too many people have been awakened to the injustices of our death penalty.

Too many people have committed to taking action. We are winning.  

Let us pledge to help more people to rise up and to continue to unbind our hearts, our souls, our country and our world from the death penalty.

Today I need your support.

Please make a tax-deductible contribution to People of Faith Against the Death Penalty.

It’s easy. Click here.

Stand with me and say, "I am here to stop the execution of the next Troy Davis -- and every single person living on death row."


Stephen Dear
Executive Director