Victory! North Carolina’s Year Without PDF Print E-mail
November 5, 2012

The year 2012 is the first year in the modern era when no one was sentenced to die in North Carolina.

On Friday a jury in Smithfield sentenced a man convicted of first-degree murder to life imprisonment without parole. He could have been sentenced to death. This is the last capital case that will be tried this year in North Carolina.

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North Carolina is well into its seventh year without an execution. Arkansas and Maryland are the only two other Southern states without an execution in the last five years.

This year PFADP traveled to every county to build the grassroots base of our movement to repeal the death penalty.

The public is hearing our message that the death penalty is no solution and is rife with expensive problems and errors.

Help us to keep the momentum going!

In recent weeks PFADP staff and volunteers have generated more repeal resolutions from North Carolina governments, churches, and businesses; spoken at church services and to a group of synagogue members; offered workshops on the death penalty; and worked to help a North Carolina death row exoneree try to build a decent life for himself by connecting him to caring people in his community who can help him – all the while working with North Carolinians across the state to help them take action in their communities.

Please give $12 or $2012 or whatever you can to keep us engaged on the ground, in North Carolina’s sanctuaries and fellowship halls, barber shops and town halls – on the journey to abolition.

Thank you and congratulations!