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December 13, 2012

FAYETTEVILLE, NC – The NC Racial Justice Act that you and many people worked so hard to bring about has led to another finding of racial bias in North Carolina's death penalty system.

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A Superior Court judge has commuted the sentences of three N.C. death row prisoners to life in prison after finding that prosecutors excluded African Americans from their juries. His rulings were made under two different versions of the RJA, including the most recent version that severely limited the scope of evidence allowable to find racial bias. Here is a news story about today's ruling.

This decision highlights the undeniable pervasiveness of racial bias in North Carolina's death penalty system. Sadly, rows of police officers immediately walked out en masse on the judge in open court this morning after he started reading his decision commuting the three death sentences, finding that prosecutors excluded black jurors.

Meanwhile the death penalty continues to diminish in North Carolina and nationally. No one was sentenced to die this year in North Carolina. Several states are close to repealing the death penalty and we are working to help speed those victories.

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