Maryland: Repeal Now, Act Now PDF Print E-mail
December 19, 2012

Maryland is on the cusp of something it should have done years ago: repealing the death penalty.

MD Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. (D-Dist. 27) of Chesapeake Beach needs to hear from you today while important decisions are made about the bill for repeal.

Write Sen. Miller here,

Maryland's Gov. Martin O'Malley has reaffirmed his support for repeal now.

Senior religious leaders across Maryland have reaffirmed their support for repeal now.

A majority of Maryland's legislators are ready to vote for repeal now.

Despite this pressure for repeal, Sen. Miller has remained unchanged in blocking repeal.

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Every recent year the repeal bill has been introduced, it has died in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee before getting a hearing on the Senate floor. Sen. Miller recently was quoted saying he is not "inclined" to make committee changes that would advance a vote for repeal in 2013.

Tell Sen. Miller to allow this vote that his colleagues and leaders across the state, that the people of Maryland want.

Thank you.